Audience Data


Using our solution, you're able to target campaigns based on National, Zip Code, and Proximity. Taking that into consideration, you're able to do mass campaigns, medium, and also target down to a 10 ft radius to reach a very specific audience. Our patented technology, which has 1000's of blue printed businesses already being monitored, can also allow you to target by behavioral activity of a certain category of people. 

Visitation Data


Whether you're doing a National campaign, zip code campaign or Proximity campaign, through our partnerships with Ad exchanges, including; Snapchat, Weatherbug App, CNN App Fox News App, and Words with Friends, and our blueprint technology on top of that, we're able to really provide you with the most accurate visitation data, and also ensure that your targeted consumers are receiving banners on websites or applications, that people actually go to, rather then low visitation websites or applications.